About the Artist

If you are a guitar player whose names are both legendary guitar brands, you had better be able to play.  Jackson has been wowing crowds with his playing since he was 13 years old.  The years of live shows only grew his love of playing music.

Music was a constant in Jackson’s life from a very young age, growing up in Springfield, Missouri. 

Listening to a wide range of music his parents always had on in the house began to influence his style of play, and later his writing.  Influenced by guitar greats such as Dwayne Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Gilmore and Brad Paisley, among others. Jackson grew up listening to, and learning different styles in different genres.  “Music is one of the few things that can bring all of us together, it doesn’t matter what style or genre.  There is good music across the spectrum, you just have to be willing to listen to it”

Starting guitar  at 9 years old, both Jackson, and his younger brother, Preston were soon making family members smile at their quick ability to learn their instruments.  Soon they both found themselves in a youth cover band, "Fishing for Saturday" that was opening for regional and national touring acts.  Getting to see touring musicians up close solidified Jackson’s desire to not only keep working on the guitar, but that this was what he wanted to do, and those around him could see it. 

But it wasn’t just family and friends, soon calls starting coming in to get Jackson on stage with other acts, in places far from Springfield.

In late 2018, Jackson started writing, and as life experiences and confidence grew, so did the quality of his writing.  Songwriters such as Eric Church, Zac Brown, Roger Waters and Neil Peart provided Jackson a broad base to craft his lyrics. Working with Producer Kevin W. Gates at Reach Audio, Jackson has been able to bring his songs to life, showcasing lyrics far beyond his years, and blistering guitar work. With the help of Preston writing drums, setting up behind the kit, and lending his talent on guitar, Jackson has labored to create an album of songs that are both personal, and able to reach anyone that listens to them.  Pulling on the belief that there is good music across all genres, these songs draw from all of Jackson’s  influences from pop rock to gritty blues riffs and soaring guitar harmonies, combined with storytelling lyrics to leave people wanting to hear more.